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Valutico for Venture Capital and Corporate Venture teams

Measure value accurately for better portfolio outcomes with Valutico.

Whether you’re researching precedent transactions, comparing trading multiples of listed peers, or creating targeted buyers lists, Valutico has the tools and the data you need to close deals faster. With insights from normalized and comprehensive financial data woven right into your models, you can streamline your business valuation workflow and impress and focus on what’s most important: your dealflow.

Whether you’re performing some research ahead of an exit, doing ASC 820 compliance work or reviewing a 409A valuation, Valutico is on your side to create the most comprehensive business valuations of your portfolio companies.

Market data

Data-first platform

Leverage market data like never before


Comparable company analysis without the tedious work and with always-on data feed. With proprietary data on precedent transactions (800,000+ transactions and counting, updated daily), including public, private, and LBO deals, alongside public company multiples and consensus estimates all normalized and calendarized for apples to apples comparisons.

Choose from search criteria—like industry, deal size or ownership stake, and refine your results with Valutico’s database of company descriptions and keywords, find the right valuation multiples across the public and private markets in seconds. Remove anything you don‘t want in your comps with one click.

Analyze multiple scenarios
Iterate on your model in the Valutico platform, or input/output excel files to collaborate with external partners, and create unlimited scenarios to represent various perspectives on any company. Get the right foundation to your waterfall / exit analysis with a credible valuation.

Share with external parties
Produce bespoke reports or share web-views of your valuations, preserving data and formula fidelity on your side while guarding the inner workings of your build if working on a syndicate or rolling fund.

Find out why leading VCs use Valutico

Exceptional Valuation Platform

Valutico is the world‘s leading provider of web-based company valuation tools.

Savings Delivered

Valutico users can support more deal flow and assess more pipeline with the same resources

Transparent Calculations

Trust our model but own the data and audit any facet of the deliverables

Express ROI

Affordable valuation toolset and guaranteed productivity gains

Foundation to your 409A, ASC820 and more

Business valuations you can rely on to create your exit waterfalls or compliance filings

Testimonials & Case Studies

Martin Theyer
PKF logo

Martin Theyer
Managing Partner – PKF C&P

A powerful digital valuation process

“Valutico changed the game for us. We started using the software to do an upfront valuation in house, rather than analyzing the valuations brought to us. This made a big difference.”

Leonardo Pansardi Grisotto
Zaxo logo

Leonardo Pansardi Grisotto
Managing Partner – Zaxo M&A

Winning in client meetings with Valutico

“We prepare ourselves greatly before we engage with clients, and bring a lot of data to support our valuations. By bringing outside research to the table earlier than expected, we win more deals. Thanks to the variety of available peers and comparable transactions, from different countries, industries, and ranges of revenues, we can base our multiples on excellent, and defensible, market data.”