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The perfect tool for PE firms

Make better informed investment decisions with robust assessment of value.

Value your pipeline opportunities and assess the fair market value of your portfolio more rapidly, fairly, and accurately with the right comparables for your ASC820 and other regulatory reporting needs.

Man reading a business newspaper with financial data

Data-first platform

Leverage market data like never before


Search 800,000+ precedent transactions and build quick P&L forecasts including multiple scenarios to build a dealbook for any opportunity and face your LPs, counterparties, and other stakeholders with the best data in your corner.

Map the market to ground your strategy

Track the evolution of private and publicly listed companies in your targeted sectors and take the pulse of private or public markets towards your investment thesis. Quickly assess the fundamentals of any listed company, valuation multiples and estimates according to 15 methods to spot undervalued opportunities.

Create compelling reports for your LPs and robust models for every opportunity

Valutico is the valuation powerhouse of the private equity and corporate finance world.

Analyze multiple scenarios

In the landscape of business valuation, financial multiples, averages, ratios and benchmarks are essential. Valutico provides multiples (over current year and forward projections) for key metrics such as revenue, EBIT, EBITDA, Net Income; as well as important ratios such as CAPEX as as a percentage of revenue, DSO, and others. Overcoming the challenges of performing a valuation starts with having the right level of information to be confident in your deal assumptions.

LBO modelling tools for private equity

Go beyond the DCF and model your LBO assumptions at the click of a button with simple Entry and Exit multiple parameters, adjusting the model dynamically to show you immediate impact in the sensitivity table and valuation range. Valutico is probably the quickest LBO model you have ever seen.

Find out why leading Private Equity firms use Valutico

Exceptional Valuation Platform

Valutico is the world‘s leading provider of web-based company valuation tools.

Savings Delivered

Valutico users can support bigger pipeline with the same team of analysts

Transparent Calculations

Trust our model but own the data and audit any facet of the deliverables

Professional Grade

Your templates, your decisions, your reports. Valutico hides backstage but makes you shine with your LPs and counterparties

Express ROI

Affordable valuation toolset and guaranteed productivity gains

Whether your fund invests in public or private businesses, partial ownership or controlling stakes, Valutico enables you to confidently assess the value of every asset and opportunity in your pipeline and free up your time for deal sourcing and operating.

Testimonials & Case Studies

Martin Theyer
PKF logo

Martin Theyer
Managing Partner – PKF C&P

A powerful digital valuation process

“Valutico changed the game for us. We started using the software to do an upfront valuation in house, rather than analyzing the valuations brought to us. This made a big difference.”

Leonardo Pansardi Grisotto
Zaxo logo

Leonardo Pansardi Grisotto
Managing Partner – Zaxo M&A

Winning in client meetings with Valutico

“We prepare ourselves greatly before we engage with clients, and bring a lot of data to support our valuations. By bringing outside research to the table earlier than expected, we win more deals.”