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Business Valuations for Accounting, Tax & Audit Professionals

Audits of fair value measurements (FVM) are challenging because they rely on significant professional judgment and qualitative inputs. The use of FVM in financial reporting has been increasing in all industries. Because of the many types of valuations performed and the diverse background of people doing valuation work, a streamlined solution like Valutico benefits all parties, from the clients and the financial services firm that serve them, to the auditors.

Valutico is the leading business valuation platform for audit professionals who seek to grow their practice.

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Built on Best Practices

ASA, AICPA and NACVA inspired

Valutico provides a solid process to tackle the inherent variability of FMV calculations, and sets out to provide a more uniform approach designed to make the valuation workflow more consistent and more auditable, while keeping professional judgment at the epicenter of the process.

Comparable company analysis without the tedious work and with always-on data feed. With proprietary data on precedent transactions (800,000+ transactions and counting, updated daily), including public and private transactions, alongside public company multiples and consensus estimates all normalized and calendarized for apples to apples comparisons.

Associations such as the AICPA, the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), and others have created programs and certifications to help valuation professionals, and Valutico works to stay abreast of best practices in the industry, and across all the jurisdictions in which we serve customers.

The following tools can help you:

  • Qualitative assessment of various business risks which Valutico documents transparently in a risk score impacting CoE and discounts/premia to traded peers
  • Public companies data from leading sources, embedded natively in the Valutico process and included in all valuation reports
  • Detailed DCF models with guided full control over every driver including each component of the CAPM WACC Cost of Capital calculation

Find out why leading Accounting Firms and Auditors use Valutico

Whether performing valuations for goodwill impairment, a business exit, estate planning, audit, tax, or restructuring, Valutico is in your corner to free up time and utilization, reduce errors, and harmonize deliverables across your team.

Exceptional Valuation Platform

Valutico is the world‘s leading provider of web-based company valuation tools.

Savings Delivered

Valutico users can support more engagements with existing resources

Transparent Calculations

Trust our model but own the data and audit any facet of the deliverables

Professional Grade

Valutico powers your work to new levels while leaving you full control over the deliverables.

Express ROI

Affordable toolset and guaranteed productivity gains.
Valutico is the leading valuation tool for audit professionals

Testimonials & Case Studies

Martin Theyer of PKF C&P
PKF logo

Martin Theyer
Managing Partner – PKF C&P

A powerful digital valuation process

“Valutico changed the game for us. We started using the software to do an upfront valuation in house, rather than analyzing the valuations brought to us. This made a big difference.”

Pablo Andrés Peña

Pablo Andrés Peña
Valuation & Modelling Manager – Sitka Advisors

Valutico helped us create more affordable services for small companies

“Valutico’s tools have helped Sitka bypass the need for burdensome and complex valuation models for smaller deals. Valutico’s models are easy to understand; and automation eliminates a large amount of manual work, from gathering of market data to the creation of client deliverables.”