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Private Company Valuations

Valuing a private company requires insight into the market across the entire Private Equity, M&A, and even Venture Capital landscape, as well as a lot of supporting data from public markets. The process can take up a lot of valuable time, especially if re-inventing the wheel for every project, relying on spreadsheets, and sourcing data from disparate sources. Valutico speeds up your process by allowing you to:

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Verify Your Business Plan for Accuracy

The Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method is important in valuing private companies, as it leans on future cash flow estimates. Valutico helps you ensure your forecasts make sense:

  • Upload and edit your business plan for validation.

  • Check the business plan against 25 underlying validation calculations.

  • Easily scan growth rates, margins, investment key figures and value driver analysis.

  • Verify projections and forecasts to make informed decisions.

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Private company valuations are easier than ever with Valutico

Search Across Peers and Transactions

Comparing a private company with its peers is a common valuation approach, but finding the right multiples be challenging. Valutico simplifies this task with its peer and transaction search feature, allowing you to:

  • Search 50,000 stock-listed peer companies.

  • Access 1 million transactions (500,000 private).

  • Use Valutico’s recommender system to identify suitable peers.

  • Apply adjustable discounts or premiums for each multiple.

  • Access analyst consensus estimates for publicly listed peers.

  • Benchmark key figures and add or remove peers as needed.

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Establish Discount Rates

Valuing private companies becomes more insightful with Valutico’s Qualitative Assessment tool, which takes into consideration 22 key parameters, including:

  • Reliance on key suppliers.

  • Management quality.

  • Input cost risk.

  • Intellectual property protection.

  • Risk of technological disruption.

These help determine the discount rate, and quantify subjective risks, but also provide full flexibility to adjust the underlying parameters.

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Private company valuations are easier than ever with Valutico

Choose the Right Valuation Methods

Private companies vary significantly in terms of stage and risk profiles. Valutico caters to these differences with 28 valuation methods, allowing you to use:

  • VC Method for startups.

  • Multiples for Revenue, EBIT, EBITDA, Net Income.

  • DCF variations for different scenarios.

  • Comparable and Transaction methods across ratios.

The platform also features Transparent beta calculations (levered and unlevered).

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Measure value with Valutico

Valutico is the world‘s leading provider of web-based company valuation tools.

  • Best in class financials models with automated or guided assumptions.

  • Market data refreshed daily and streamed directly into the model.

  • Single source of truth for your team.

  • Easily share read-only web views of any business valuation.

  • Built-in flexibility with easily adjustable global parameters and scenarios.

  • Collaborative and natively compatible with your existing workflows and tools

Custom Spreadsheet Models
  • Bespoke time consuming work to start any project.

  • Time-consuming research from multiple sources, manual data cleanup and tedious data imports.

  • No audit trail of changes.

  • File-based sharing with broken dependencies.

  • Flexibility introduces model-breaking risks.