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Allowing you to access data, integrate it with your preferred valuation method, and export reports in a single-click, Valutico streamlines your Valuation process.

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Choose the steps that align with your valuation goals and search through easy-to-read data that lets you make informed decisions quickly.

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Assess the company’s strategic position within its industry.

In Step 2, compare your company with peers in a global database of 50,000 peers and almost 1 million transactions.

In step 3, upload your company’s financial projections. And benchmark against other companies too.

In Step 4, choose from 28 valuation method options, and see your results, and export your valuation report in Word or PowerPoint.

Depending on the valuation type you want to perform, you can skip or add additional steps.
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In the landscape of business valuation, financial multiples, industry comparisons, ratios and benchmarks are essential. Valutico provides multiples (historic, current and forward) for key metrics such as revenue, EBIT, EBITDA, Net Income; as well as important ratios such as CAPEX as as a percentage of revenue, DSO, and others. With a constantly growing global database, we’re always attuned to our users’ needs

  • Around 500,000 private transactions
  • Analysts consensus estimates for publicly listed
  • Adjustable discount or premium for every valuation
  • Transparent beta calculations (levered or

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30 Minute Valuations
3TB of Financial Data
Leading Market Data
Dedicated Support
28+ Valuation Methods
Comprehensive Reports
Benchmark Charts
470,000 Private Transactions
50,000+ Peers
Global Risk Free Rates
Quick Data Access

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