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Valutico takes advantage of the global explosion in public market data to provide users with a single, seamless resource that encompasses all aspects of the valuation process for public companies. From peer research to normalized and calendarized market data, risk free rates, company profiles, and consensus estimates, Valutico offers investors a valuation tool with unique access to the specific information they need to do their jobs faster and better.

Peers screen
  • Get access to leading market data, including analyst consensus estimates.

  • Adjust any forecasts or create alternate scenarios to develop your own value perspective.

  • Get relevant suggestions and peer benchmarks for every assumption.

  • Share your valuation output with peers, clients and teammates.

Valutico peers selection screen
Valutico user interface screenshot for public companies

Valuation tools for a new perspective

We provide finance professionals with access to in-depth analysis and research tools which enable them to save time and money performing valuation analysis for their clients or their portfolios.

  • One-click valuation

  • Stock screener based on 15+ valuation methods

  • Global dataset of 10k+ listed peers, complete with all available valuation multiples, advanced search and recommendations engine.

Premier tools for all, regardless of size

By providing the valuation sofware and technology usually only available to large financial firms, Valutico is able to help boutique investment firms raise funds and deploy capital like their larger peers. For investors in public companies, Valutico provides access to unique information and analytics allowing them to make strategic decisions.

  • Analysts consensus estimates for any public company, globally.

  • Detailed beta calculations

  • Industry standard nomenclatures and classifications (NACE, NAICS)

Valuitico valuation parameters menu screenshot
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Measure value with Valutico

Valutico is the world‘s leading provider of web-based company valuation tools.

  • Best in class financials models with automated or guided assumptions.

  • Market data refreshed daily and streamed directly into the model.

  • Simple license and free sharing features

  • Valuation-focused toolkit.

  • Dedicated support.

  • Collaborative and natively compatible with your existing workflows and tools

Traditional Capital Markets Tools

  • Limited ability to build models in tools

  • Separation of data and financial model.

  • Expensive and restrictive license

  • News-focused toolkit

  • Tech support with no valuation expertise.

  • Largely limited to public capital markets data