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With workflows and models to rival even the most sophisticated professional firms, and data from the leading providers, Valutico empowers you to perform at your best. Firms using Valutico save considerable time during the comps, multiples, and company information search phase; and gain an additional productivity edge with our automated reports generation. Join the ranks of the forward thinking firms who have embarked on their journey to a more modern approach to business valuations.

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Data-first platform

Leverage market data like never before


Comparable company analysis without the tedious work and with always-on data feed. With proprietary data on precedent transactions (800,000 transactions and counting, updated daily), including public and private transactions, alongside public company multiples and consensus estimates all normalized and calendarized for apples to apples comparisons.

Choose from search criteria—like industry, deal size or ownership stake, and refine your results with Valutico’s  database of company descriptions and keywords, find the right comps across the public and private markets in seconds. Remove anything you don‘t want in your comps with one click.

Advisory & Professional Services

Accounting, Tax & Audit

Valutico’s robust forecasting tool and leading market data can allow you to rapidly measure cost of capital, fair market value, or discount rates for your demanding engagements.

Corporate Finance / M&A

Build valuations in no time using EBITDA, Revenue, or other multiples from our database of companies and precedent transactions.

Give your firm an edge with Valutico for professional services and advisory firms. Read our case studies or discover more about our history.

How it works

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Qualitative Assessment

To calculate the cost of capital (using the CAPM WACC method), Valutico assesses key drivers of the business and recommends appropriate discount rates or premiums to comps multiples and to the risk free rate.


Valutico’s database of companies provides public comps, and the related revenue, EBIT, or EBITDA mutliples, betas, and other key factors, with data refreshed daily and multiples by industry to guide your decisions.

Financial Projections

The valuation tool provides a seamless experience to create a business plan from as little starting data as a sales projection or as much detail as your own models can provide. With peers benchmarks and analysts estimates, building assumptions is easier than ever.


With 800,000+ precedent transactions to search from, Valutico helps you identify the earnings multiples for M&A activity in your industry, or the sales multiples growth companies garner in PE or VC deals.


Based on the previous steps, Valutico creates a valuation range in seconds. Producing detailed results from 15+ unique methods, and allowing you to tweak factors such as your risk free rate, CoE premium, or Exit/Entry multiples for LBO scenarios and see their impact instantly.

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